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Is the Dry Skin Around Your Nose Facial Dandruff?


I’ve had a flaky scalp since I was a teenager.  I never really thought much about it because when it happens, it is generally pretty mild and most of the over the counter dandruff shampoos are effective keeping it at bay.  Even if I don’t catch it right away, at the worst I end up with itchy scalp for a few days.  Now in middle age my skin has started to need more moisturizers.  Concerned about healthy skin care, I’ve tried a variety of products with mixed results.  It wasn’t until I watched episode #66, “Is It Dry Skin or Dandruff” that I realized what I was suffering was actually dandruff.


Generally about the same time as I found I had a flaky scalp or an itchy scalp, I would end up with dry patches around the creases of my nose.I never connected the dots and thought that dandruff was just a symptom of dry skin.  I somehow thought the salicylic acid in my shampoo of choice worked as a moisturizer.Unfortunately, while shampoo worked on the dandruff, the moisturizers didn’t work on the flakes around the nose.The older I become, the more problematic this becomes.


Dr. Dr. Schultz addresses the problem head on.He nailed my symptoms exactly.  His suggestion was to use shampoo as a face wash for the affected areas.  My dandruff shampoo is fairly mild, so I gave it a try.  Wow, was I amazed to find the mild dandruff shampoo a better, healthy skin care product than the expensive moisturizer I had been using, at least in terms of caring for the flaky skin around the nose.  It turns out that numerous forms of flaking scalp and skin might be the result of inflammations of the skin.  Now, whenever I start to get a flaky scalp I wash my hair with a dandruff shampoo and then use a little around the corners of my nose. 


In my particular case, it seems using a little dandruff shampoo can solve my flaking skin problem.  Not only is it a good, inexpensive cure for a flaky scalp or itchy scalp, but it is also good for facial dandruff, flaking around the nose, eyebrow or forehead.  And, because it only takes a little shampoo to wash the affected areas (and it is much cheaper than many facial washes) it can be an inexpensive way for healthy skin care.


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